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Magacyadii dadkii rayidka ahaa ee DKM ay ku xasuuqdey Kismaayo.

By Guuleed M.Osman

"With great sadness we would like to inform your and the International communities that 09-07-2001, at 1700 hours innocent unarmed civilians among them a child and an elderly have been massacred in the village of Gobwein about 15 km North of kismayo and Kismayo City it zelf. This cruel acts have been perpetrated by the SNF forces of col. Bare Hiiraale, General Ahmed Warsame and USC militias allied with him. The names of the victims are as follows:.

1. Dr Cadirisaaq Xersi Dheere 55 yrs
2. Dr. Cabdirahmaan Maxamed Ciise 43 yrs
3. Nabadoon Yusuf Xasan Baadari 80 yrs
4. Mr. Cabdinuur Muuse 33 yrs
5. Mr. Axmed Xiireey Kulan 20 yrs
6. Mr Sanweyne Saalax Gamuure 30 yrs
7. Mr.Cabdirisaaq Jiis Jumbur 11 yrs
8. Mr.Maxamud Macalin 45 yrs
9. Mr.Jaamac Mahdi 40 yrs

Ahmed Askar 32 yrs was among three wounded who survived the massacre and is present at the moment in Kismayo. We hereby condemn SNF and USC forces for these crimes against humanity. We appeal to the International organizations specially the Red Cross and other human rights organizations to check and investigate these acts of massacre and also check the condition of the POWs in Kismayo.

These are some of the people they massacred that night:

1. Abdikarim Ahmed (Lawyer)
2. Chief Dhuh Ahmed Salah
3. Mr. Abdi Ahmed Salah (businessman, brother to number 2)
4. Dr. Sugulle Ahmed Mohamed (Economist)
5. Mr. Mohamed Olad Isse Karshe (businessman)
6. Mr. Yusuf Dahir Ali
7. Mr. Farah Ahmed Saleh
8. Chief Abdi Yusuf Dhuh alias Maneno
9. Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi Mire
10. Mr. Ali Omar Osman
11. Mohamed Abdirizak Hersi
12. Dr. Mohamed Dahir Nur alias Lugey
13. Mr. Jama Ader
14. Ugas Hashi Farah Ambar alias Daqarre
15. Mr. Ali Warabe Garon
16. Mr. Mohamud Ahmed Asayr alias Ga'ir
17. Mr. Hassan Dahir Ali Gaban
18. Mr. Mohamud Farah Osman (Tetano)
19. Dr. Mohamud Musse Sugulle
20. Mr. Ainab Mohamud Saidv
21. Farah Aden Hassan
22. Abdillahi Isse
23. Mr. Abdullahi Tunnviyow
24. Mr. Yusuf Hundhur
25. Dr. Mohamud Mohamed Abdi
26. Ms. Faduma Musse Sugulle
27. Ms. Ruqiya Musse sugulle (Sister of number 26)
28. Mr. Abdullahi Isse Samatar
29. Son of number 28
30. Mr. Abdullahi Said Samatar
31. Son of number 30
32. Mr Mohamed Hasan Tiis
33. Mr. Abdi Hassan Farah
34. Hassan Farah Samantar
35. Mr. Abdi Garas Haji
36. Mr. M. Aden
37. Drs. Canab Said Gurxan
38. Haji Mire Yusuf Musse (businessman)
39. M. Bulhan jama
40. Prof. Abdullahi Abdi Seed
41. Dr. Abdulkadir Abshir Mohamed
42. Mr. Mohamed Musse Jama alias Madome
43. Mr. Mohamed Ismail Ali
44. Mr. Said Mohamud Abdalle
45. Mr. Moallin Awil Mohamed Yusuf
46. Haji Isse Khaire Ali
47. Sheekh Said Mohamed
48. Abdullahi Ali Abdulle
49. Abdi Mohamud Mohamed
50. Mr. Mohamed Aden Warsame
51. Ms. Asha Bihi
52. Daughter of number 51 ( four years old)
53. Mr. Mohamed Farah
54. Mr. Jama Farah Barre alias Shanjir
55. Mr. Mohamed Hersi Rug
56. Mr. Sugulle Hashi Nur
57. Mr. Abdirashid Abdullahi Said
58. Mr. Yusuf Ali Salah
59. Mr. Mohamed Aw Farah
60. Ms. Anab Olad Jama
61. Mr. Ali Ispettore
62. Mr. Mohamed Dahir Agei
63. Mr. Ali Farah Dabagale
64. Mr. Abdi Gelle Koreie (93 years old----yes NinetyThree years old!!!)
65. Ms. Ahada Dirie Mohamed
66. Mr. Ahmed Aisane
67. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Warsame alias Eelay
68. Mr. Yusuf Gure
69. Mr. Yusuf Omar Hassan
70. Mr. Ainab Shire
71. Mr. Mohamud Olow Osman
72. Mr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamud
73. Mr. Mohamed Osman Omar
74. Mr. Jama Omar Alin
75. Mr. Mohamed Aden Farah
76. Mr. Ali Sheekh Farah
77. Mumin Ali Hersi (4 years old !)
78. Farah Hashi Omar ( 2 years old!)
79. Mother of number 78
81. Mr. Mohamed Farah Dheere
82. Ms. Basra Ali Hashi
83. Mr. Bashir Ali Gure
84. Mr. Mohamed Addow
85. Mr. Shu'aib Ali Isse-Yare
86. Dr. Mohamud Mohamed Abdirahman
87. Mr. Ali-Gurei Aden
88. Ms. Amina Hussein Farah
89. Chief Haji Ali Mumin Geddi
90. Mr. Abdullahi Haji Ali Abokar
91. Abdirahman Musse Abdi-Firdhiye
92. Sheekh Mohamud Mohamed
93. Mr. Bashir Ahmed
94. Mr. Mohamed Dahir (school-teacher)
95. Majabe Abdulkadir Afgoye
96. Son of Bashir Qasaaye
97. member of the family of number 96
98. Mr. Mohamed Said Garweine
99. Mr. Isse Afqalloc
100.Mr. Raage Ciise Salah alias Baajuun
101. Mohamed Mohamud Yusuf alias Timmoleh
102. Dr. Mohamed Said Mohamed alias Dhalac
103. Mr. Mohamud Salah Mohamed alias Dhoore
104. Chief Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed alias Black
105. Mr. Musse Afay
106. Mr. Ali Osman alias Shible
107. Mr. Mohamed Jama Aw Mohamed alias Nadiif (businessman)
108. Mr. Ismael Mohamed Salah alias Qooqane
109. Mr. Hurdale
110. Ms. Asli Yusuf Mohamed alias dheeh

Kismayo has been invaded the militias of Somali Transitional Government led by Gen.Galaal and Ahmed Barre Hirale after they wrested the control of the city from the SRRC militia led by General Mohamed Said Morgan. Somali Transitional Government and its militia has started a campaign of terror, rape and inhuman treatment against the inhabitants of Kismayo. It is saddening that the latest victims of these atrocities are all women.

These are the names and ages of the Rape victims in Kismayo City.

1. Safiyo Jama Cigaal (22)
2. Caasha Salaad Cawil (34)
3. Sacdiyo Cumar Naley (28)
4. Saynab Mohamed Indha-cade (18)
5. Shariifo Maxamoud Caddaw (44)
6. Sahra Cusman Omar (12)
7. Sahra Xasan Jama (17)
8. Aamina Abdi Mohamoud (58)
9. Dugsiyo Maxamad (27)
10.Faadumo Kaatun Ciise (38)
11.Qaali Xasan Kullaal (24)
12.Awliyo Xasan Kullaal (24)

By Guuleed


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